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Eclectus Parrot toys

Christmas is right around the corner and many owners are searching for new and exciting toys for their parrots. We have received many emails over the years from people wanting to know the ideal toy for Eclectus parrots.

Just as every child has a favorite toy, so to do individual Eckies. Parrot Haven kids all have very different tastes and we would like to share a few of our kids favorite toys that we purchase from the Parrot Rescue Centre.

The Chewable Charmer

The Chewable Charmer is Mia’s favorite toy. Her little eyes light up as soon as we hang this in her cage and she spends many happy hours chewing the vine balls into a million pieces. The hard part is destroying all of the wooden blocks but she is certainly up for the challenge.

Eclectus care

The Rosetta Shredder

Next is Alberts favorite. He adores destroying the heavy gauge cardboard and delights in the different textures of this toy. Well worth the money.

Eclectus care

The Octopus Piñata

The Octopus Piñata is a must for any Eckie, young or old. The colors are captivating and instantly attract your Eckies attention. We purchased these for our fledgelings and they absolutely loved it. This toy provides many hours of fun and keep busy beaks happy.

Eclectus care

Rings of Fortune

Here is one for the more experienced forager. This is our older Eckie’s favorite toy and it provides them with hours of amusement. I love kicking back and watching our kids remarkably smart brains hard at work as they turn the tumblers back and forward to retrieve the treat inside. It is a must for all Einstein parrots.

Eclectus Care

The Large Maze

This is another fantastic puzzle toy. Our kids love to spin the maze back and forward, working the nuts past the plastic stops. Sometimes they will spin it as hard and as fast as possible and squeal with joy as it rattles around, flinging the odd nut across the room.

Eclectus Care

Large Shower Perch

Eclectus are notorious water babies and this is a ‘must have’ for every Eckie owner. Parrot Haven kids use their shower perch sometimes twice a day in summer. They love splashing around in the cool water, making a right mess in Mum and Dad’s bathroom.

Shower perch


This is on our own Christmas wish list. I have heard great reviews about this toy and am really looking forward to purchasing it for our kids. I know any Eckie who loves puzzle toys will love the ‘Mastermind’

Eclectus toys

Nut Case

The ‘Nut Case’ is our African Grey’s favorite toy of the week. We fill it with foraging material such as gum nuts, wooden blocks and a walnut or two. He spends many happy hours working away, methodically chewing the pieces so they can fit through the holes. This is a great buy and a must have for every parrot owner.


Large Baffle Cage

Last but not least, is the Stainless Steel Baffle Cage. We bought ours many years ago and our kids use it almost every day. We fill it full of toys and treats and it provides hours of amusement. Best of all, it can be unscrewed and placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. We simply rinse ours off afterwards to ensure there is no residue and place it back in the cage. This is a toy that will last a lifetime.

Baffle cage

These are just a few of the wonderful toys we highly recommend for your kids Christmas stocking. We purchase all of our toys from the Parrot Rescue Centre.

The Parrot Rescue Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for and re-homing abused and unwanted parrots. The work they do is nothing short of amazing and all proceeds from toys go to help support their cause.

To learn more about the Parrot Rescue Centre, please visit their website or just click on the pictures and they will take you straight to the site.

Parrot Rescue

Important note:

When purchasing toys, please ensure any metal parts are made from stainless steel. Some toys use items that contain heavy metals such as zinc, galvanized coating and copper. Heavy metal is deadly to parrots and may result in heavy metal poisoning. Any parts such as small aluminum bells must be removed before placing it in your parrots cage.

HMP occurs when a parrot ingests a particle of heavy metal. Once ingested it begins to poison the parrot, affecting the kidneys, blood cells, intestines and nervous system. This makes the parrot very ill and can cause rapid death. So, let’s keep our kids safe over Christmas and ensure we purchase parrot safe toys.

For more information about heavy metal poisoning please visit our website.