Our Lovable Eclectus Parrot Baby is heading to his new home soon!

Meet Jax, one of our gorgeous hand raised eclectus parrots. Here at Parrot Haven, all our babies are raised in a loving family environment, spoon fed and spend hours socialising and playing with us.

We pride ourselves in raising healthy, confident and top quality Eclectus Parrots who are hand raised specifically to become a lifelong member of your family. Jax will be leaving Parrot Haven soon to start his new life with Abby, Shell and his new girlfriend Zen (eclectus hen)

Snuggly little Eclectus Male
confident, healthy, handraised eclectus parrot
Confident, health eclectus parrot
eclectus breeder best reputation
Adorable Jax. Our friendly Parrot Haven baby
Lovable Eclectus male - he's next to leave Parrot Haven for his new home!

Feel confident in buying an eclectus from the top eclectus parrot breeder in Australia. See our testimonials and join our forum to meet many happy Parrot Haven clients.

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