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Parrot Haven Baby Update

Our baby girl Zina, soon to leave Parrot Haven to her wonderful new home.

Its time for our gorgeous Zina to leave Parrot Haven. As hard as it is for us to say goodbye, we know that she is going to a wonderful loving family and is going to adore her new boyfriend ‘Homer’ in no time !

Thank you to Adrian for adopting our beautiful girl, she really is a snuggly little baby !

At Parrot Haven, all our babies are raised in a loving family environment, spoon fed and spend hours socialising and playing with us.

We pride ourselves in raising healthy, confident and top quality Eclectus Parrots who are hand raised specifically to become a lifelong member of your family.

We have our own forum dedicated to everything eclectus with a special focus on Parrot Haven Kids, we update photos of your babies regularly and are in contact with our clients on almost a daily basis, helping when needed, sharing the successes of our birds in their new homes and chatting about our gorgeous parrots.

Our website and blog is filled with all the information you need to know about these magnificent parrots so please take the time to read through my articles as becoming a parrot owner is a lifelong commitment and we only sell to the very best homes.

All babies sold are been born here at Parrot Haven, we know the personalities of each of our babies parents, this is very important when purchasing a companion parrot. We are a closed aviary and we do not take in outside eclectus and raise them as our own.

If you are interested in become a Parrot Haven baby owner, please email me to organise a time to chat over the phone. I match all my kids with the perfect homes as every one of my kids is different and care needs to be taken so both our parrots and clients are 100% happy with their new baby.


Join our forum to meet other Parrot Haven baby owners, chat to them about what its like to own an Eclectus Parrot and see our Testimonial Page on our website to hear our success stories.

Feel confident in buying an eclectus from the Top Eclectus Parrot breeder in Australia. See our testimonials and join our forum to meet many happy Parrot Haven clients.

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