New Parrot Forum Launched

Welcome to Parrot Chatter
A forum for Avian Addicts everywhere !!!

Join in the insanity which is Parrot Chatter !!

Well we finally did it !! We now have a Parrot Forum !!

Were still fine tuning the look/colours/buttons etc etc and adding to my ever expanding crop of grey hair in the process, so if you see things changing you know were swearing copiously trying to make it all pretty like 😉

I would love our forum to be a place any parrot lover can go to chat with other like minded addicts, to freely ask questions and share stories of their feathered kids..

We have no stringent rules, love a wicked sense of humour and the funnier the photos the better! We ourselves have a rather warped sense of humour and cant wait to find others that are just as crazy as us!

We know our forum may take a little while to take off and we are asking all of our readers that if you like our forum to please recommend us to your friends, the more people the better (I got a little bored chatting to myself for the first few days)

So, please help spread the word, we need a really good Aussie Parrot Forum and with your help we can make it happen !!

Thanks guys,  look forward to chatting with you 🙂  (lol had to add it again) 😉

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