Parrot boarding facility

The silly season is upon us and with Christmas fast approaching, many of us are planning a holiday. This means we must entrust our feathered kids with a carer and sadly, avian boarding facilities are few and far between.

However, if you are fortunate enough to live in Southern Queensland then you are in luck. The Parrot Rescue Centre is a non profit organization devoted to the care and wellbeing of our avian friends. They provide a top quality boarding facility and offer owners the choice of standard or deluxe boarding. They are tended to by experienced parrot lovers and you can rest easy knowing your precious kid is in the best care possible.

Standard board includes:

  • Daily fresh fruit, vegetables, seed/pellet, nuts and fresh water
  • Fresh wet or dry mix for lorikeets
  • Fresh branches and flowers
  • Their cage cleaned and tended to on a daily basis
  • Enrichment and foraging opportunities
  • One on one attention from the caring staff

Deluxe board includes:

  • Items listed in standard boarding, plus:
  • Interaction throughout the day with staff and other parrots
  • Lots of out of cage time where they can enjoy a variety of play gyms, hanging ropes and numerous toys

The boarding room is a safe, fully enclosed environment so your parrot can fly, play and enjoy their own little holiday.

The owner, Zarita, takes time to understand the unique needs of each parrot to ensure their stay is a happy and enjoyable one. Zarita has a great deal of avian experience and you can relax and enjoy your holiday,  knowing your feathered kid is in her highly capable hands.

For more information on the Parrot Rescue Centre’s boarding facility, please email:

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