Eclectus Parrots

Today we would like to share with you some photos of the very gorgeous and very spoilt Jellybean. Jelly is of course a Parrot Haven Eclectus and has his human slaves wrapped around his gorgeous wings.

Jellybean cheering on the local baseball team - check out the Pack-O-Bird Jelly is sitting on, a must for any parrot slave.

He has his own massive outdoor flight, endless supply of toys, treats and even his own webcam set up 24 hours a day so you can watch all his antics. Jellybean is a Cletus and Peggy-Sue baby and just like all Cletus kids he is full of confidence, very outgoing and a serious little snuggle bug !

Sharing fresh native branches with his brother Rocky
King Jellybean in his gorgeous outdoor flight










Here at Parrot Haven we pride ourselves on raising the most confident, healthy and happy companion Eclectus possible.

We have been breeding Eclectus for over a decade and have carefully chosen our eccy pairs for their personality and temperament which is passed on to their babies. We take great pride and care in matching each of our babies with their perfect owners getting to know our clients before we choose their perfect feathered kid.

Romping through the flowers 

Take a look at our forum to see more photos of our Parrot Haven babies and learn what it is like to share your lives with these amazing parrots.


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