Phoenix, the Eclectus who Roars Like a Lion

Phoenix quite possibly is the most luckiest Eclectus Parrot alive!

She has the most devoted parents who adore her, showering her with love and attention, her Daddy runs his successful business from home so Phoenix spends the majority of her days on Dad’s shoulder overseeing his work. Her life is one of pure happiness!

She also has the most amazing vocabulary and repitior, speaking in context as well as being able to sing songs even at times creating her own little tunes as her Daddy plays to her on the piano.

Mommy is equally devoted, having built Phoenix her own basket ball hoop they spend hours together playing basketball and the sight of Phoenix shooting a hoop is simply hilarious.

Her favourite game is to play peek a boo, where she will run over to her Mom and Dad, exclaim “Boo”! in her little voice thick with her american accent and then laugh as her parent say “Oh, you scared me”! Then the roles are reversed!

Funnier still is Phoenix will roar like a lion, crow like a rooster, make a monkey noise, meow like their cat, the list goes on and we are lucky enough for these devoted owners to share their beautiful girl not only with us, but also with the world.

Within the next few weeks, clips of Phoenix roaring and meowing are going to be on our Utube site and it is well worth viewing believe me. I nearly fell off my chair at the sound of an Eccy roaring like a lion and she sounds so realistic too!

So once again we are dispelling myths, yes, Eclectus Hens do make wonderful pets but the golden rule applies as with anything РYou only get out what you put in Рand with Phoenix, you can see the love, devotion and adoration her wonderful parents have for this most special little girl. She is a true role model for all Eccy hens and her parents  are what we wish every parrot owner could be!!

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