The Buying and Selling of Unweaned Parrots

Time to bust the myth!

It is a common misconception that you need to hand-raise your baby bird in order to form a strong bond. This is a myth and there is no credence to the belief whatsoever.

Let’s think about this logically

In the wild Eclectus parrots form bonds with their parents until it’s time to leave the nest. Once fledged, they integrate into a flock, which consists of their siblings or unpaired adult birds, and they stay with them until they find a mate of their own. Forming an extremely strong bond with their parents would set them back developmentally, emotionally and even physically. It’s not natural for a baby bird to never leave home and the same applies to our hand-raised parrots. I often find my own babies pulling away from me emotionally when they begin to fledge, as if instinct is telling them to do so.

From a breeders perspective

We spend countless hours with our baby Eckies. It takes approximately 12 weeks to raise each parrot from neonate to weaned bird, and in some cases even longer. During this time, I watch them go through different developmental stages. As young babies they are completely trusting and dependent on me, but this gradually changes as they grow older. They soon discover a desire for independence. I liken this to a teenager preparing to leave home. Once the babies learn to eat by themselves they are no longer reliant on us for their feeds every day. I become less important to them and they turn to me less and less for nurturance.

Aviculture is a profession. As breeders we devote ourselves to researching every aspect of avian life. These are the people you want raising your companion parrot. Aviculturists have experience in recognizing potential problems before they arise and can counter them easily with no stress to the baby. They know how to raise a happy, healthy, large baby who is physically and emotionally ready to begin their life as a companion parrot.

Companion parrots have no say in the path their life takes. I’m sure they would prefer to stay with an experienced breeder until they are old enough to venture out into the real world. Please, save yourself the stress and potential heartache. Let the experts raise your baby. You will be doing both yourself and the parrot a big favor.


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6 thoughts on “The Buying and Selling of Unweaned Parrots

  1. Hi
    I bought a nestling Psittacula krameri in 4 days ago.
    My bird do not eat food.
    My bird food is corn + honey + banana + water.
    When my bird eating food even 2 cc,he or she do vomit.
    Please help me.I am very unhappy.
    Please send to my email answer.Thanks alot.


  2. Buying unweaned parrots is incredibly unethical and immoral if you are not a fully trained and experienced aviculturist.

    From your description, you are feeding the parrot the wrong food so no wonder it is regurgitating it back and more than likely feeding the wrong consistency and temperature.

    I recommend you take the poor little baby to a vet asap before it dies of dehydration and starvation and please leave the hand rearing to the experts as you do not produce a better parrot if you raise it yourself.

    Im sure your unhappy but even more sure the little baby is extremely unhappy and wondering why it was taken from its parents to be fed the wrong foods at the wrong temperatures and being left hungry.

    Act immediately or you will loose a precious life.


  3. Have you ever thought about creating an e-book or guest authoring on other blogs? I have a blog centered on the same information you discuss and would really like to have you share some stories/information. I know my subscribers would appreciate your work. If you are even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an email.

  4. Good site . Ive put the link on my facebook pages in the hope it may deter at least a few people from taking on unweaned birds .
    I hand rear . I was taught by my vet ( at a cost ) and I am more than willing to seek vet assistance if I have a problem .

    I am often asked if I will sell unweaned babies to which my answer is no …..8 times out of 10 Im asked to explain myself or abused , seems to be consistant with the type of people that care less about a birds welfare and care more about money.

  5. Hey, if this website is still active, I have a question.

    Where I live you can only buy unweaned parrots or older ones which aren’t hand tamed. What do I do?

  6. Hi Khan,

    I am very sorry for the late reply – I have literally hundreds of spam comments to weave through and I found your today.

    Basically, I’d recommend joining a parrot forum or multiple forums if you have the time. You will find that a lot of people will be more than willing to help you find a good breeder who is either in your area or who can send you a healthy, weaned parrot via plane. The majority of the parrots I’ve sold over the years were to people all over Australia and we always sent our kids out in reliable, sturdy travel carriers. If done correctly, this won’t stress your baby Eckie out.

    But check out the parrot forums (feel free to join ours too) and see if you can get help from people who know reputable breeders in your region.

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