Recall Training Parrots

Recall training

Recall training is one of the most important techniques to master. It allows you peace of mind in knowing that if your parrot escapes, you can recall them safely, with as little stress as possible.

Never be complacent

I have spoken with many owners over the years that believed their parrot would return to them due to the bond they share. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Eckies are at their most confident in their home environment. This is their safe haven. Your Eckie may fly to you by choice in the home, but they are doing so in a stress free and familiar environment. Regardless of how strong your bond is, or how much your Eckie trusts you, you need to recall train. Eckies are essentially wild animals. Their instincts are heavily ingrained and if they find themselves in a crisis situation, instinct will take over. Terror and stress will lead some to fly as fast and far as possible, while others will perch in the tallest tree they can find.

A brief overview of recall training

  1. Place your Eckie on their training stand.
  2. Use your “step up” cue to ask your Eckie to step onto your arm to take the treat. Reward immediately both verbally and with the treat. If your Eckie is hesitant to step up, then this may take some time. Be patient. They will soon learn that stepping up earns them a tasty treat.
  3. Remember to reward even the smallest step or movement forward.
  4. Once your Eckie is stepping up confidently, move back very slightly and have them walk to your arm. Use the recall cue you have chosen, for example “fly to me.”  As soon as they are on your arm, praise and reward. Move back so there is distance between you and the stand and repeat the cue. Increase the distance gradually when you feel they are ready to progress.
  5. Repeat the above process until your Eckie has to fly to you. Increase the distance they must fly gradually. Place your Eckie in high and low positions so they become accustomed to flying both up and down to you.

This is a small excerpt from our book: The Ultimate Guide to Eclectus Parrots. This chapter provides step by step instructions on how to recall train your Eclectus. Our technique has been used by many Eclectus owners and it works!

Information included in this chapter:

  • How to recall train using steps by step instructions
  • Recall on cue
  • Teach your Eckie to search for you
  • Flying up into the tree is the easy part
  • Recall training a clipped Eclectus
  • Peace of mind

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