Eclectus Parrot Book – New Release

Eclectus Parrot Book

The Ultimate Guide to Eclectus Parrots is currently the largest and most comprehensive companion Eclectus non-fiction iBook. Kirsten Badham is  a parrot lover and Eclectus specialist. She has spent over a decade breeding and working with companion Eclectus.

The iBook provides detailed information and teaches owners how to confidently care for their parrot.  Whether you are buying your first Eclectus, or have owned one for many years, there is always something new to learn. Filled with real life examples and amusing anecdotes, it gives insight into life through your parrot’s eyes.

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388 pages in length, 245 full color photos, 40 Illustrations and 14 HD quality videos

Chapters included in this book:


About Eclectus
Eckies in the wild
Miracle of life
Battle of the sexes

Choosing your Eclectus
Choosing the right breeder
The importance of follow up service
Vet check
The dangers of buying an unweaned bird

Caring for your Eclectus
Cage size and setup
Bringing your new Eckie home
The blinking game
Establishing a routine
Baby calls and noise factor

The Eclectus diet
Dietary needs
Sprouted seed
Egg and biscuit

Eclectus Health
The Eclectus molt
Born to fly
Weight checks
The importance of worming
Nail trimming
Stress bars and feather barring
Missing toes
Eckie safe plants

Heavy metal poisoning
Household dangers
Abuse and neglect – there is no excuse

Emergency care
First Aid kit
Emergency care
Crop impactions/stasis

Eclectus Behavior
Eckie body language
Eye pinning
Ghost chasing
Bad dreams
Eyes wide open
Zombie kids

Showering with your parrot
Harness training
Recall training
Teaching your Eckie to talk

Eclectus challenges
Hormonal Eckies
Introducing a second Eckie
What to do if your parrot escapes

It’s time to play!
DIY toys

Final word
About Us
Parrot Haven Kids
About the Author/Designer

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